Care and feeding of the Ruger Scout Rifle

I run a couple of Ruger Scouts here at the shop for testing and training. Things I have learned with two distinctly different paths.

Ruger #1: I’ve cared for this like it’s my baby, lovingly cleaned and lubed, cared for. It runs great. (HiLux 2-7, Rhodesian Sling, etc etc).

Ruger #2: I’ve done nothing to it except for a drop of oil (Slip 2000) now and then. It runs and runs. Has has too many scopes, stocks and accessories hung on it. I cannot kill it.
I’m almost ashamed to have done this, but it works and works. (Not nearly as bad at Pat’s Filthy 14, but I am trying: )

Rugers #3-X: Cared for with different oils, Tetra and such. All are shooters. None really prefer ammo, but match grade will group well. Lighter/Heavier rounds mess with my zero so I skip that sort of thing.

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