Setting up my Ruger Scout Rifle


I’m asked how I set up my rifles. It’s simple. A good sling, a decent optic and good magazines.

Photos of one of my rifles:

Scout Rifle Slings:


Alpha Magazines:

Ruger Magazines:

One thought on “Setting up my Ruger Scout Rifle

  • April 1, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Been interested in the scout concept for a while, put several together to try out the idea.

    1 Ruger Scout. Changed out the rear aperture for a larger one, added a 3rd swivel stud, and one of Andy’s Ching Sling. Topped it with an older Burris 2 3/4x.
    2 Ruger Synthetic Scout. Again added the extra swivel stud and Ching Sling. Removed the rear sight and added a NECG peep sight so I could remove it easily when I wanted a conventional scope. I really like the Leupold 1×4 Hog scope with the “Pig Plex” reticle.
    Also have another 2 3/4x Burris on this one.
    Now I’m looking for a reasonably priced 18.7″ Ruger Scout stainless or a Regular Hawkeye to see how a bit more barrel length changes things.


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