Tetra products for your scout

It’s been a while since I last used Tetra and revisiting the cleaning and lube products was refreshing and brought back floods of old memories.

Back in the old days I was really into Biathlon both the winter and summer variants. Winter was tough on rifles and only the best of everything was used during the cold and wet faces. Often times a sub-par lube would cause issues, not stop freezing or even allow you to cycle the gun. The Tetra products were the only lubes that actually worked under wet/freezing conditions. (I tried everything, seriously, EVERYTHING!).  The oil stayed put and was a good barrier between the metal parts allowing any ice to not lock up your bolt/firing pin/magazines. A dab of the grease they put out was always on my sear back then.

Since those times I’ve been testing other lubricants (watch this area for updates on it) and have had too many fail.

The Merkel Helix and a couple of my Ruger Scouts now run Tetra and I’m happy with it. It’s the same great product that I remember.

Visit Tetra here: http://www.tetraguncare.com/

Things I like:

-The gun cleaning spray is friendly to synthetics.

-The oil still is the same in a handy container.

-That grease is slippery. Good stuff.

Things I did not test (but have a long time ago)

-Cold weather. It only hit single digits here, but it worked. My old testing was down to -25-30F.

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