About me: Half a lifetime with Scouts

Back in the late 90’s I started my venture into Scout Rifles. Cooper was a superb influence and I had a lathe/mill to make things. It’s been downhill since then!

Things I’ve been involved with since:
-Finalized the design,marketing, production, branding and sale of the “Ching Ring” with Eric Ching. This was a barrel mounted sleeve to accept a scout scope.
-Improved upon, added features, marketed and made the Ching Sling (as created by Eric Ching).
-Invented, marketed and make the Rhodesian Sling for the past 25 years.
-Former IPSC/IDPA/PinShooter/Hunter/Cop/Creator of Mayhem.
-Creator of the Scout Rifle Forum.
-Carried Scout Rifles while on duty.

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