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My 2010 Lube Tests for LE Weapons and my old Department. (updated below)

Winter is coming, does your lube work in the demands that your AO weather puts on it?

I work down to sub zero temps here in Northern New England. Temps can be sub-zero and winds drive snow and sleet into guns and gear. I test my guns, ammo and lube down to these temps and in the wet/cold to make sure of no failures.

Last year was the testing of Slip 2000 Weapons Lube and Extreme Weapons Lube (EWL). I cleaned the guns (multiple 1911s and multiple patrol AR’s) using the normal cleaning gear (some got Gunscrubber, others a wipe down with SLIP 725) and a complete relube with the SLIP products.  All the guns were left outside and allowed to frost over on multiple days. Some days I would bring the guns inside, then out again to allow the condensation to freeze on them.

Multiple tests from freezing down to -15F gave me the same results, a perfectly functioning firearms. (I note one day for the AR15 testing was -18F to -20F depending on where I put the IR temp gun.

In the past I have used a few gun lubes with mixed success, some “home brews” with limited success and some old-wives-tales brews and potions with no success.  I was ecstatic to have a factory oil that has worked superbly in my long term testing suffice for the sub-zero testing.

I would never flat out say “this is the lube for you”, so please test your lubes before you commit yourselves and the citizenry that you protect with it.

Addendum from 2014 to current:

I’ve dropped the temps to -25/-30F in northern NH and added a wide variety of weapons (AR, Scouts, 1911s and some misc pistols and rifles).

Slip 2000 still wins the cold and wet weather testing. Tetra with limited long term tests, but works fine. (which used to be the sole allowed product for a large northeast Police Department).

Things which did not work for some of the test guns:

-Some motor oils.

-3 in 1 oil (generic brand, gelled)

-Synthetic grease made one 1911 work in slow motion.

-An unnamed, larger maker of guns, brand name oil.

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