Ruger 5.56 Scout Rebuild, Boyds, Burris and Wilderness

I’ll be excoriated for owning a 5.56 Ruger Scout. It’s handy rifle and accurate too.  Mine has been wearing the Leupold M8 for ages now and needed a bit of a facelift.

Boyds, Burris and Wilderness helped out with this project.

The Boyds At One stock has an adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheekpiece with really help with the scope (higher rings than I prefer or recommend). Also, I found this cheek adjustment handy for other shooters (Grandchild #1 really needs a shorter stock and higher cheekweld with this rifle).

The stock was an easy installation. Just an allen wrench set is needed (a torque wrench is handy, inch pounds please). This same stock fits the 308 too, they share the same action size.

The Wilderness Rhodesian works nice on this rifle.

The Burris 2.75X Scout Scope is really nice. Compact, clear, nice rings as well.


The downside of all this, it’s a little pudgy at 9# 9.8 oz unloaded (with sling, mag, optic). However, it’s ok in the field and really nice off the bench.


Build pics:

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